Q. How long does it take to get the Ace Your Police Oral Board guide?
A. The guide is instantly downloaded to your computer in a PDF file. You will have it in minutes.
Q. How will this guide help me?
A. The guide helps you prepare for your police oral interview by giving you crucial information on how to dress, body language, making a good first impression, and by providing you a wide variety of the most commonly asked police oral board questions and the very best answers to those questions so that you are prepared for anything.
Q. Do you off any guarantees?
A. Absolutely! If you’re not happy with the guide for any reason whatsoever, send me an email and let me know. You’ll get a prompt and courteous refund.
Q. Would attending a police oral board seminar help me be more prepared than your guide?
A. The benefit of my guide over a police interview seminar is that you can study the material on your own time in the privacy of your own home, without the need to travel. The goal of my guide is to be an affordable solution to the $500 fees of those police interview seminars.
Q. What’s the difference between your guide vs. others being sold on the Internet?
A. I’ve studied my competition and as far as I can see, I am the only one actively working on police oral board interviews regularly. My competitors are retired officers and publishing groups that have either never sat on a police oral board or haven’t sat through the police interview process for years. And that’s why my guide provides the most up to date information available.
Q. How do I know this is the latest police interview information available?
A. I am actively involved in the police oral board process. Because of that, I attend regular in-service training on police oral boards, which also puts me into contact with police oral board raters across the country who I share information with. Besides that, I regularly get updated information from users of my guide—these are people just like you who have recently taken their police oral board exams.
Q. Do you have this guide in hard copy?
A. Sorry, at this time, the guide is only available electronically. We are talking to publishers now and we do see the guide being sold in book stores in the near future.